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So bedtime for most parents is always a bit of a hassle. Every child is different and has a different way of settling. One of the things I learnt very early on as a new mum when Little Viking was born was the importance of sleeping safely.

I had gone out and bought the full “works” for our cotbed. I had funky bumpers, things to wrap around the cot, pillows, you name it I had bought it. I then found out all about the risks of SID (sudden infant death) and how babies should sleep with minimum in their cot. So out it all came, and we discovered the joys that are baby “sleeping bags”. We have tried a few in our time, but I have to say when we were sent out Slumbersac’s I was really impressed.

“Research has shown that when using conventional bedding, babies tend to get either too hot or too cold which can lead to disrupted sleep. Slumbersac baby sleep bags, however, ensure that babies remain at a constant temperature and eliminate the need for any other top covers. Simply put your baby into their Slumbersac when they are ready for bed and then pop them into a moses basket or cot. No need for any blankets or duvet. Staying within the Slumbersac not only keeps them at the correct temperature but also minimises disruption when feeding during the night and means that they are more likely to go back to sleep if they do wake up unexpectedly.”

Mini Viking was sent the long sleeve travel sleeping bag to try out. I particularly liked the long sleeves as she was born in September, so we have now entered cold winter months and she is still very little. The added warmth has been a life saver.
Main Slumbersac

I particularly love the features you can see in the picture below. The zips have a protective cover so they cannot rub on baby. The zips also are at the bottom of the sleeping bag once zipped,meaning she cannot fiddle with them. You can also see that it is possible for a seatbelt to go through the sleeping bag meaning we can transfer her in her sleeping bag rather than waking her.



Made from 100% cotton both the outside and the lining, it really is lovely and soft. I also found that they wash really well, they don’t get “lumpy” as some sleeping bags can do when all the filling clumps together. I have also found that they dry quickly which is great, as we do not have a tumble dryer. Having said that, we have dried them at my mum’s house, and they came up really well there too.

We also decided to try the slumbersac sleeping bag with feet for Little Viking. He has a tendency to kick off his duvet and after falling in love with Mini Vikings, it seemed like a sensible way to go.

fun times

Having the freedom of his feet has been one of the biggest selling points for me for a toddler sleeping bag. He has been able to get ready for bed at night and snuggle on the sofa with us, but still get up and about. He also has been able to waddle into us in the morning (or at night) if he needs something but remain warm. He loves the slumbersac because he can still get up to lots of mischief (as you can see below!)

getting about

The range for slumbersacs goes from newborn right up to 10 years old, which is fantastic. I have already recommended them to a few friends who have older children who hate blankets! Slumbersac sleeping bags come in 4 tog ratings. Tog rating is a measure of the thickness of a sleeping bag and therefore how warm it will keep your child.

The final benefit I have found is as a co-sleeper. Mini Viking is in a bednest attached to my bed when she goes to sleep. However I often find that in the night I don’t put her back, and she sleeps in with us. I always keep our duvet well away from her, so its nice to know she keeps warm in her slumbersac and I can simply transfer her back into her bednest once she has had a feed.

If you want to find out more about slumbersacs prices start from £16.99 and you can view the full range at


Becky x


*We were sent Mini Vikings slumbersac as part of this article, but all opinions and observations are our own.*


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  1. How cute are those pics! I’m always terrified to do the car seat transfer! I tend to make plans around naps or drive around for 2 hrs lol

  2. Reply

    I haven’t heard of these before. I love the fact that they can be used in the car without then waking them up to put them to bed. X

  3. Reply

    I love this design – the double zip would be so helpful and how awesome is it that you can use them in the car?! Baby is due in March and I’d love to try something like this as an alternative to blankets x

    • Kate
    • February 4, 2016

    I absolutely love the fact they have feet! So much easier for older toddlers to move around in, and great for lazy pyjama days!

  4. Reply

    These look great, I’m very intrigued by the toddler version with freedom for feet. We are at a tricky moment with our twins. They are still in their sleeping bags but they are getting too small and they get annoyed with not having their feet free. They are little wriggles and I can’t see them staying under duvets. Will definitely check these out.

  5. Reply

    We love sleeping bags and these look fantastic, similar to the bubbaroo joey swag we use except with some fab prints! I will have to check them out for summer togs xx

  6. Reply

    Great review. I really like the travel option so if you are out it’s easy to get them into a car seat without undressing them. Little one is still at the swaddling stage but will be visiting the slumbersac website as she will need one soon x

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