Viking Style: Celebrating 40 Years of Polarn O. Pyret


We have long been fans of Polarn O. Pyret in our Scandi house. The long and slim fit of Scandinavian clothing has always been perfect for both Little and Mini Viking (could maybe have something to do with their heritage?). So we were delighted to hear that POP are celebrating their 40th Birthday! Photo 06-04-2016, 15 37 07 (1)

The Swedish company has always prided themselves on letting children be children. Their signature stripes have become a staple in our house, unisex, comfortable and stylish they are a must for every little ones wardrobe. Much of Little Vikings POP has been passed down to Mini Viking, proving not only its timeless, but that the quality shines through. 30% of their range is organic, and with harsh weather in mind, they always aim to make their clothing as durable as possible.


For both myself and Daddy Viking, children being dressed in clothes built for them is essential. We don’t like tight or overly delicate clothing. We love for our kids to get muddy, play hard and explore the world around them. POP shares these philosophies as do a lot of Scandinavian children’s clothing brands.

Their new SS16 range has kept the fabulous stripe, but added some really fun colours. Both our little ones have been loving trying them all out. We will be travelling to Italy at the end of the month, and most of our POP will be travelling with us.

POP Sleep

I am particularly a fan of their short rompers this season. Perfect for lounging around in the day or keeping cool at night! I think you can see from the picture below that both Little and Mini Viking love theirs!

Photo 06-04-2016, 15 38 03 (1)

POP also have some fabulous patterns and fun characters on their prints. If you follow us on INSTAGRAM you will be able to see a lot more of these! Little Viking is particularly a fan of their tractor prints!

For now though, we would like to say Congratulations to Polarn O. Pyret for a fabulous 40 years and ask that they continue to show us clothing that has children right at the heart of it.

POP both

Becky x

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