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I have always considered myself at heart to be a country girl, imagining that on a nice hot summer’s day I would go off on a bike ride, have a picnic and enjoy the beautiful country lane rides in and around Hitchin. Also,  since I was very young I have always wanted a bright red bicycle,  much like the ones you used to see in films such as Mary Poppins.  Since growing older I appeared to have suppressed these wishes and settled with a boring bike that takes me from A to B….until my trip to Denmark last year.









Once you arrive in Copenhagen,you are instantly hit with the number of bikes that grace the streets of this beautiful city. As I stared in wonder and jealousy that in Britain we just don’t take cycling as seriously, one style of bike continued to stand out. So determined was I to find out where I could find one, I literally stopped a young business woman riding said bike to ask herwhere her bike was from, the make and why they were such a popular bike. She informed me that Velorbis were the brand to have and that they are very popular with the fashion-forward Copenhagen residents. They ooze style and quality but also have a nostalgic elegance to them that used to be found on older bikes. I feared my dreams would be over, as I was almost certain that Easy Jet would not allow me to freely transport one home. But my luck had not run out……

Upon my return to the UK, I contacted the Velorbis Head Office in Denmark to see about shipping a bike to myself, only to be delighted in being pointed with the highest recommendation from the brand in the direction of The Cyclist. The Cyclist in Hatfield is no more than a 15 minute drive from my house in the UK, and is the preferred stockist for Velorbis bikes in the UK.

The Cyclist is a rare gem that should be treasured in Britain. An independently run bike shop, with staff with over 20 years of expertise, they are warm and inviting even to the most novice of cyclists. When you enter the shop you instantly know you have come to the right place, the wide range and wall of accessories for everything you could imagine teamed with their expertise makes the buying experience so enjoyable and rewarding.


Our aim is to bring grace back into cycling, combined with practicality and convenience. Passion for excellence is what drives us and this is reflected in our bicycle design in a way that differentiates us from the rather boring and predictable choices on the market today. It’s time for a change.”




There is no strong sales pitch, instead you can browse and touch and try all the bikes that are all on display and ask as many questions as you like whilst they listen and establish exactly what you want. In my opinion,Velorbis stands out as the most striking and high quality bicycle money can buy. It is a lifetime investment that should be entered into with the utmost love.

At Velorbis we value simplicity combined with a streamlined and elegant design. Therefore you will find neither stickers nor plastic on a Velorbis bicycle – only the elegantly embossed lion crest crafted from chromed aluminium reveals that you are the proud owner of a Velorbis bicycle. We are true to our values when we say: – “It’s amazing, it’s fantastic – not a single piece of plastic….” 

Once you find the right bike, you just know it’s for you. My moment happened as soon as I cast eyes on the Velorbis Urban Chic bicycle- it was like love at first sight. The Urban Chic is a new style to Velorbis, minimalism and value for money are key, but without any compromise on style or the great Velorbis quality. Its fire engine red paint and beautiful semi balloon Fat Frank cream tyres are such a powerful statement. Full specs of the bicycle can be found

“All our classic bicycle models are fully equipped as standard, which means that they come with mudguards, coat guard, chain guard, kick stand, large ding dong bell, and a brake system on both wheels. Such bicycles can be easily and seamlessly integrated into your everyday routine, whether you use it for commuting, shopping picking up your kids or simply arriving in style to meet your friends for a coffee at the local café.”

So Specifications and technical information aside, the big question you all are asking is – do I love it? Simple answer YES!!!! Velorbis take into consideration all the wants that people have,including the first thought of someone fashion-forward like myself  – how do I accessorize? These were my choices:

Classic old school style leather satchel, crafted from strong sand coloured calfskin leather and featuring shocking pink inner lining. This leather bag is ideal as a laptop bag for storing 15 inch laptops or as a school bag for carrying books. Also includes two large front pockets, three internal compartments – suitable for safely storing iPhones – and one zipped back pocket. Long adjustable/detachable leather shoulder strap.”

A stunning 15kgs/33lbs to be precise, making it the world’s strongest wicker basket
Even larger and stronger – yet still as elegant – our luxurious D-shaped wicker basket with brown leather straps fits perfectly on all our ladies bicycle models and stores substantially more items than regular sized baskets. Multi-task on two wheels – carry extra shopping bags, a pet dog, gifts, and flowers, etc. – and look super-stylish at the same time.”


I have now been riding my bike for over a month, and can safely say I have no complaints. It is so comfortable,you just mould around the saddle and the semi balloon tyres just absorb any bumps in the road,leaving you to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air, and of course the envious looks of all you pass by. This particular make can also cope on country paths and I have been enjoying riding with my dogs Baxter and Coco, I tried to put Baxter in the basket to recreate a Dorothy and Toto moment, alas he was having none of it!

One huge piece of advice I took away from The Cyclist was how to make sure I keep my bike safe. For when you are out and about, The Cyclist recommends and stocks Kryptonite Locks which come with their own guarantee that they will cover up to £1000 if your bike is stolen due to the lock being broken. Please visit for a good guide on how to safely secure your bike. I am also sure the guys at The Cyclist will happily show you as well!  As soon as I took my shiny new red bike home, I rang my house contents insurance company which registered it for free as long as I keep it either securely in the house, or locked in a garden shed or garage. Now I am all ready to go about my day, fulfil my childhood dreams and all without a worry in the world. Especially as I am riding with the assurance that The Cyclist offer a free service with all Velorbis bikes, and you can always call or pop in if you have any issues (BUT these will be few and far between!).

The Cyclist is also currently offering corporate bikes which look amazing. They have somefor rental at high end London hotels. So if your business is looking to go green and wants to have its own custom designed Velorbis bikes for your staff or for clients to use, I would strongly recommend looking into it! It is unique and definitely has the edge companies are looking for so much in such a competitive market!


So before the real summer kicks in, find your perfect Velorbis and soak up the sunshine in a healthy, fashionable and practical way! – Go to to order your very own!

Becky xox

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    • December 26, 2016

    How much is your wicker basket?

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