Travel Vikings – Take us on a Jurni


I am having post travelling blues. Here is a  little poem about it!


We Love to go on a Jurni,

To places far away.

Where the washing machine is invisible,

And the Sun is here to stay. 


When we go on Jurni,

We love to go by plane

Fill my suitcase with toys, 

So the kids don’t drive us insane.


When we are on a Jurni, 

We travel as a family.

We love to go on adventure, 

Over land, and sky and sea. 


When we go on a Jurni,

Camels we like to ride.

Except when they rub up a cactus,

And we get prickles in our backside.


When we go on a Jurni,

We like to scuba dive.

But always remember to avoid the pipes,

Eels might be inside! 


When we go on a Jurni

On a 27 hour  flight, 

Our boy decides he wants to start walk

Up and down the aisle all night! 


Take us on a Jurni 

We love to sing and laugh.

To make memories together,

Better than any photograph. 


Becky xxx

*Entry for the Jurni Bloggers Competition*

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