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Today is all about me, yes I said it, I need some time for me. Any mother will tell you that getting 5 minutes to yourself is nearly impossible with two kids. I found that after 6 months of being a mummy of two, I had totally lost my sense of self, and with it my style. Something had to change, I needed to feel more human, more me.

I decided it was time for a change with my hairstyle, I had been wanting to give my hair a bit more “WOW” factor. This is where the fabulous Maxin Porcaro in Hertford came to the rescue.

Finding time to go to the hairdressers without the kids, again almost an impossible task, a lot of mothers fear their children misbehaving or them getting bored. Max and his team are so wonderfully prepared for children. They have lots of room for buggies, toys for the children, drinks and snacks.


I have been going to Max and the team for 20 years now, they are like family. What I love is how much time they take to know their client, their children and their needs. I walked in, my hair like rats tails, slightly disheveled due to a very long night with Mini Viking, and with no judgement at all, just lots of smiles and a cup of tea, Holly gets to work rediscovering my style.

I had managed to get Little Viking off to pre-school so I only had Mini Viking, but she was always going to be the most challenging. Not interested in iPadĀ and almost crawling, she was not going to sit like an angel. Well, this was no worry at all, the girls in the salon cooed over her and made such a fuss she barely realised I was having my hair done.


Holly began by asking me what kind of style I saw myself having, and how I wore my hair. One of the things that was important to me was to bring back some bounce and life into my hair, but still having the ability to shove it up in a ponytail for school runs and days when to be quite frank, just keeping us all clean and fed is an achievement. We decided to go for long layers that framed my face, with a long side fringe cut in. For my colour I had always wanted to try a ombre, at some point, I would like to add some crazy colour, but for now, just textures and different shades to suit my ginger hair would just bring my face back to life.

Here is the miserable state I arrived in! My hair also really needed a trim, I am ashamed to say that during both pregnancies, I avoided the hairdresser.


Also one of the things that I love about Max and the team is their understanding of post pregnancy hair. Around 3 months after having both Little and Mini Viking, my hair began to moult. This happens as you lose no hair normally during pregnancy so all the old hair falls out once you have given birth. It’s so important to take this into consideration, I found this out when Little Viking was little as I had lots of “tufts” of hair regrow!

Whilst having my colour applied and waiting for it to develop, the girls brought me tea and biscuits to my heats content. Nothing more appreciated these days that a hot cup of tea, I never seem to manage that on my own now. I also even managed to feed Mini Viking whilst having the hair styled.


The salon also has a selection of sandwiches and snacks so we were able to have lunch there whilst having my hair styled, Mini Viking as usual stole most of mine!

There were a couple of occasions where she got bored, the girls were wonderful and took her for me, walked around with her and played with her, I think in the end she was really sad to leave. Little Viking has always loved coming with me, they have a beautiful wide window at the front of the salon and he likes to sit there and watch all the cars pass. If you are going with a buggy, there is a magic door (yes that really is what I said) that enables the buggies to easily come into the salon. I found this perfect as Mini Viking went down for a nap and was able to sleep whilst I had my hair styled.

So the results….


Holly brought so much life back to my hair. I love that there are so many different colours through my hair, but the end offers a real statement. The colour is really low maintenance as my natural colour is at the top of my head meaning no roots to worry about. I know this is important to so many mums, as getting to the salon isn’t always the easiest thing to make time for.

I finally felt like me, human, not just a mum, a person, my hair felt softer, lighter, and so much more healthy. I realised that Max and the message he wants to send to mums that they are there to pamper, is so important. Every mum should have a little “me time” and if like me, it’s too difficult to arrange without the kids, Max and his team welcome them with open arms!


Do you have a style you want to try? Max and the team can help you, simply call them on 01992550045. Find your summer style, be more you!

Becky x



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