About Us

Becky Christensen

I started blogging on the 1st January 2011. I had decided that my love for food needed to be expressed creatively and I had no outlet for it. For 365 days I blogged about the food I cooked, tasted and restaurants I discovered. It was such a liberating experience to be able to express my opinions and actually have them read that I have decided this year to broaden my horizons and write a lifestyle blog.

Based and brought up in Hertfordshire in the UK I have travelled all over the world with my family and work. I enjoy so many cultures and after studying Criminology and Criminal Law at University I decided that to create a project of my own that reflected all my interests and the interests of my friends.

Currently I work in retail and I am married and living in Hertfordshire with my husband. My loves in life are my family, my gorgeous friends, my pets and food. BUT my passion is to discover new cultures, and write about all the wonderful things that others may have not yet discovered, knowledge is one of the greatest gifts, and I hope to share what little I have with my readers!

If you have any new and interesting projects or anything you would like to tell me about. Please do not hesitate to contact me on my contact page!!!

Lots of Love

Becky Christensen