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“IT’S BATH TIME!” screams Little Viking! In our household, bathtime varies. We don’t do it every day so as a result it isn’t part of a set routine. Little Viking really loves to play in water, so we have noticed that having a bath is far more fun if he isn’t tired. He has so many bath toys, and loves to play in the bath for ages (I allow him one top up of warm water!)


We are slowly introducing Mini Viking to bathtime and the fun it can be. She bathes in a baby bath still as our bath is so deep. It can also be a real challenge to bathe both at the same time. So usually I wait for Jake to be home so we can do it all together as a family. We read, we play, we sing and we blow lots of bubbles, of course usually Jake and I look like we got in the bath too as we are covered in so much water!




Getting them both out of the bath however is sometimes where the fun ends. No-one likes to climb out of a warm bath into the cold air! This is where our Cuddledry towels come in.

The fabulous towels are the design of Helen and Polly, two long-term friends now working mums. They were concerned that bathtime is hard enough as it is without struggling to wriggle your little one safely out of the bath. Made from bamboo and cotton, the towels are super soft.

The Cuddledry baby apron towel attaches around your neck like an apron, so both hands are free. Lifting baby up out of the bath is easy and safe, and you cuddle and dry your baby in your arms naturally, strengthening the bond between you. The cosy hood goes over their head to keep them warm and calm. You don’t have to think about holding a towel at all.

I first met Helen and Polly in 2013 when I was pregnant with Little Viking, and I fell in love with the design. We now use a Cuddledry Baby Towel on Mini Viking as well, we still have Little Viking’s one as well as a spare (its lasted brilliantly!). Mini Viking has the WWF Snow Leopard baby towel, we loved that £1 of every towel goes towards the charity.




One of the things I love most about the towels is the cuddles you get after a bath, your able to hold them close and keep them warm against your chest whilst drying them at the same time. Our problem is they are so comfy, Mini Viking usually falls asleep before we have had the chance to get her dressed!

IMG_2371 IMG_2373


With one award-winning towel under their belt, Helen and Polly didn’t stop there. Now they have an every growing and fabulous product range of swim towels, children’s dress-up towels, clever ponchos and robes. Little Viking is a huge fan of their children’s dress-up towels! He has both a dinosaur and a giraffe.



As you can see sometimes I like to dress up in them too!



The great thing about bathtime is the bonding we all do as a family. It really sounds cheesy but it brings us together, and who doesn’t feel great after a bath? I just love watching my vikings grow and interact with each other.





All of these photos were taken before we head out for the day so I was also lucky enough to get some happy pictures of the kids once they were dressed. I don’t always like to have them matching, but we love Maxomorra’s fabulous prints so couldn’t resist!



If you follow us on Instagram you can also be in with a chance of winning a Cuddledry deer towel in our HUGE Christmas giveaway. Simply regram the image with #wishesxmashamper and follow all the brands on Instagram to win.


Becky x

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    • Emma
    • December 7, 2015

    So cute, I love the giraffe one. And beautiful pictures of your babies.

  1. Reply

    Aw they look so cute when they are squeaky cleaning their pj’s! I’ll definitely give cuddle dry towels a try xx

  2. I know a little three year old boy who would also love to be a giraffe. Bath time for us ends with him popping his towel on his head running round pretending to be Super Boy……

  3. Reply

    The towels are so cute I think Blake would love both designs.
    He has quite a few dinosaur bits and Giraffe bits in our home at the moment mainly toys and clothing.

  4. Reply

    Great review. Aw so cute, I love the giraffe one my son would love that. Bath time is slowly being introduced as part of bedtime routine for us at the moment. My son loves to play in there for ages. Thanks for sharing the review.

  5. Reply

    Both of my boys hate towels and simply run around the house completely naked until they’re dried, haha!

  6. Reply

    Oh these are just beautiful, I wish I’d known about them when mine were tiny. They’d still love the dress up towels thought, fabulous.x

  7. Reply

    Forget the towels… THOSE DUCKS! They are super cute. Lovely photos of your kiddies.

  8. Reply

    Those towels look fab. Looks like they are great for keeping dry and warm after a bath. Amelia loves bath time and would stay in it for hours if she could. Love your collection of ducks! X

  9. Reply

    Oh this looks so great – I love post bath time cuddles! Lovely photos too. Kaz x

  10. Reply

    Great review! They look fab and I love the giraffe design! xx

  11. Reply

    beautiful photos of your children – and thank you for all your lovely words about Cuddledry too 🙂

  12. Reply

    I love the Cuddledry towels. Lamb has the Dinosaur one and I definitely want another for baby number 2 when he/she arrives! Lovely review xx

  13. Reply

    I love cuddlydry products, they have been so thought out and a really lovely item. Your little ones look so cute in them!

  14. Reply

    You have the coolest duck collection ever! We love Cuddledry products too x

      • Chief Wellie
      • December 22, 2015

      haha my son is obsessed with ducks, we seem to aquire them everywhere!

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