Pass Around The World – Rugby Dreams!


So my whole family have always been massive Rugby fans. I have been raised to watch, play and support rugby my whole life. My brother has played semi-pro rugby for years along side his degree and work. In particular my brother and I have been Saracens fans since birth. Flynn even attended his first game at 5 1/2 months old!


With the Rugby World Cup 2015 heading our way in just over 40 days Allianz and Saracens have teamed up to create a fab way for families to get involved with Rugby. The idea is to create one long pass made up of lots of fans videos and a few celebs! My brother is back this weekend so both he and my Little Viking who at 2 already is obsessed with the game will be taking part!


To get involved simply visit the Pass Around The World Website and upload your entry. The pass has to be from the Left to the Right, but can be carried out however you like. There is also chances to win some amazing prizes (the £150 Ticketmaster prize appeals to me! Family trip to a Sarries game!). The exclusive Saracens prizes could also be a game changer… I think I will get every family member to enter to increase the odds!! Sharing on social media will also help sharing with #PassAroundTheWorld.

So what are you waiting for, Rugby fan or not this is a great activity to get involved with this summer as a family, have a few giggles (every family has someone who cannot catch!). I personally cannot wait to see it all come together. If you create a video feel free to tweet it to me @wishesandwellie as I would love to see them all!

Becky x


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