Our journey with cloth nappies – Tots Bots Easyfit Star Review


So as many of you will be aware, we are a cloth bummed household. Little Viking wore cloth nappies from birth until he potty trained and Mini Viking has been in cloth since birth.

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Whilst we have tried many styles and brands of cloth nappies, Tots Bots has always remained our favourites and the nappy I always reach for. Prior to the Easyfit Star Tots Bots recently released their Peenut waterproof wrap and pad cloth system, which we have LOVED with Mini Viking. I was understandably excited when Fiona (Tots Bots creator) told me she was going to be revamping the award-winning Easyfit for a new, slimmer, more absorbent look!

We were lucky enough to be sent a set of the new story time prints for the Easyfit Star and I couldn’t wait to give them a test run.

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There are so many improvements to the nappy, it’s almost hard to know where to begin. My first step was to take out previous styles of Easyfit and look at the changes. As you can see from the picture below, the nappy has had a size improvement. The sizing has allowed for a bit more room, but can still be poppered down to fit a newborn. Personally I love this new size, its more in keeping with the Peenut and the fit is far better on Mini Viking, there is more room and it lasts longer on each setting.

Easyfit Comparison

The other noticeable difference is the slimmer style of the Easyfit Star. I got on well with the V4 but found it quite bulky, so the slim fit of the star is a welcome change, especially as it is actually more absorbent (in my experience) than the V4.

Photo 30-03-2016, 20 09 57

I was also really pleased with the new leakproof seams. With no stitches in the seams for unwanted leaks, it makes the nappy far more reliable. Both Little and Mini Viking were good at the super wee, and the stealthy poop so it’s reassuring that the Easyfit Star is well equipped to contain any explosions!


bum shot

Here is what Tots Bots themselves have to say.


Absorbency Improvements

The trend for fast dry fabrics and stay dry interiors (using fabrics like microfibre, suedecloth) has resulted in a sharp rise in customers having issues with detergent build up: a problem that reduces the nappy’s ability to absorb liquid over time. Nappies are fine at first then start repelling liquid after a few months and regular strip wash is required to keep them performing well. Some customers can’t be bothered with that. So, we decided to move almost completely back to a bamboo core, as it never loses its absorbent properties and won’t suffer from detergent build up.

Introducing the ‘Stay Dry’ Buffer Zone – We have a totally new fabric that’s been especially developed for us. It’s completely water resistant and repels liquid into the absorbent core of the nappy, minimising leaks, even when the nappy is full! Now, that type of repellency our testers did like!

Containment Improvements

All in one nappies are definitely the best choice for convenience but by design they only have one barrier against leaks (the leg cuff), and when the nappy is full, wee will escape through the stitching and cause wicking. So, we have introduced our clever stitch free seams to put an end to stitching leaks.

Also new is the Waterproof Tummy Zone. Eliminating rising damp across the tummy and works alongside the stay dry buffer zone; driving wetness to the core, keeping baby happy and dry.

Fit Improvement

The soft bamboo core gives a neater fit than the V4, making this our slimmest Easyfit ever, and the new wider tummy band ensures that the nappy fits longer in the upper weight ranges.

Photo 31-03-2016, 15 38 52

You can find out all about Tots Bots and their wonderful range of cloth nappies HERE.

Mini Viking has given the Easyfit Star her seal of approval having been wearing them all week. No leaks, just one happy cloth bum viking!

I will leave you with a fab little link to a video made by Tots Bots showing how easy it is to use cloth!


Becky xx

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  1. I really want a couple of these for baby girl, I didn’t get on with the V4s with Toby, they leaked quite badly, but we adore PeeNuts and I’ve got a TeenyFit packed ready in baby’s hospital bag!xx

  2. Reply

    What a cutie bum! I’ve never even considered cloth nappies but with these cute designs you can’t go wrong x

  3. Reply

    Gosh this takes me right back to when i was pregnant and fell in love with Tots Bots at the Baby Show. I loved them then and certainly when Corben was a baby, the improvements are just what is needed as the leaking seems was the one thing that annoyed me about the product, unfortunately we didn’t use them up until potty training as i went back to work quite quickly and friends and family struggled to get their head around the cloth system. Reading this review makes me want to do it all again though. I shall cross my legs haah!

    – Cydney x

  4. Reply

    I love tots bots bamboozles they are by far my favourite cloth nappy. I’ve always had leaks around the inside leg with the easy fits but you’ve convinced me to give the star a go…thank you

  5. Great post and photos! These cloth nappies look fab, I love the designs! x

  6. Reply

    Wow. I didn’t think cloth nappies were anything like this. I always thought they’d be difficult to put on and that’s why I went straight to disposables. I think I should have given these a try.

  7. Reply

    I used cloth for my twin girls, I loved their little cloth nappies on them. So much cutier than disposables! I love the cute designs of these ones.

  8. Reply

    Oh what beautiful photos!! I cloth bummed with my middle daughter but the older she got the more she leaked. I miss all the beautiful colours.

  9. Reply

    I did actually think about using cloth nappies for my next baby but I am still not sure and I don’t think I will but they do look great to use.

  10. Reply

    I always wanted to try out cloth nappies but when my three were little they were still very new on the market and there wasn’t much information on which were the best. Plus they were quite expensive too.

    • Jodie
    • September 7, 2016

    I am loving the totbots stars, such an improvement on the version 4. Thank you for the informative blog post.

    • Gemma
    • September 23, 2016

    Can these be tumble dried? I am expecting a December baby so can’t line dry until at least 3-4 months and I think my stand alone airers inside would struggle…thanks

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