Our Journey with Cloth Nappies – Tickle Tots


Since before the birth of Little Viking we all knew we wanted to be a Cloth Bum Family. We used cloth nappies for Little Viking right up until he potty trained at 2. So of course when Mini Viking came along we knew we wanted to continue with her.

So why use cloth? In short, they reduce landfill, no nasty chemicals, HUGE money-saving, soft on baby’s skin and they come in such fabulous styles. If Henry V111 had used disposable nappies, they would only just be beginning to decompose now! Ew!


When we heard of a new brand of cloth nappy on the market we just had to try it.



Tickle Tots were designed by Sophia Ferguson.

I am a busy mum of two beautiful children and in 2012 when my daughter was born I wanted to use cloth nappies.
However, I couldn’t find anything out there that worked well for us but also provided the ease of birth to potty (BTP) pocket nappies so I decided to start designing.

Whilst Tickle Tots are not made in the UK, Sophia has done her utmost to ensure that they are ethically made, something that I know a lot of parents who choose to use cloth nappies find important. I have long been against the cheap cloth nappies made in china. Yes using cloth nappies reduces landfill, but if you make them in factories with poor working conditions for their workers and use dyes that may not have passed EU standards, it brings into question if it’s really worth it.

What are the main features of Tickle Tots?


We particularly loved the double layer leg gussets. Both Vikings have always been prone to super wee, so leaking from the legs has been something we have found an issue with in other cloth brands. Our Tickle Tots nappy survived a good testing and a heavy wetting, so I was all in all impressed.


The absorbent core of 4 layers bamboo fleece terry and the stay dry lining to wick moisture to the absorbent core kept Mini Vikings bottom really dry. As both Vikings have very sensitive skin, it’s always been important to us what we put against it. This was another reason for us to use cloth, to remove any harsh chemicals from direct contact in such a delicate area.


There is a pocket on the nappy which allows for extra boosting and also to be turned inside out so it can dry quicker.

Below is the nappy with all the poppers open and despite him being potty trained would easily fit Little Viking at 2 and 5 months.


This is currently how Mini Viking is wearing the nappy. Popped right down so it’s on its smallest setting.


Neither myself or Jake are particularly keen on popper fastenings so we were pleased to see that Tickle Tots fasten with a strong velcro at the top. After a few washes it is still showing its strength which is always a good sign, a lot of cheaper nappies tend to see very fast velcro wear.

We have now been using the Tickle Tots nappy in our stash for a few weeks, and I have to say it has become one I often reach for. I wouldn’t use it as a night nappy, but I have found that it will last a good few hours (or a heavy wetting, which ever comes first). I will be adding a few more to our cloth stash in the near future, especially as they also come in these fabulous colours and prints (aren’t the whales adorable?!)


Do you already use cloth? Planning to start? We always love to hear how others cloth journey is going!

Becky x

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