Not every pregnancy is the same!


So at 38 weeks into my 2nd pregnancy I am finally coming to terms with the saying “every pregnancy is different”. With my Little Viking my pregnancy was, well, easy! I had one day or morning sickness, no complications and I felt fit, relaxed and healthy throughout.


Mini Viking seems to be making their appearance into the world a little more known. I had morning sickness from the moment I conceived up to 27 weeks, then back with vengeance the sickness returned around 32 weeks. I have also suffered from minor SPD, heart burn, heart palpitations and lower back pain! So whilst I cannot complain that my pregnancy has been “difficult”, I feel I can have a little moan!

So what have I been doing to help myself this pregnancy?

– My Birthing Ball has been my saviour, I try to sit on it for an hour an evening and practice the yoga I learnt from my first pregnancy (trying to do a yoga class now with a toddler and a full-time working husband is near impossible!)


– I have my amazing Theraline Pregnancy Pillow which helps me to get a good sleep at night. I try to sleep on my left hand side to help with babies position.


– I was also sent some Deep Freeze Cold Relief Patches to review, and have used them ever since.

deep freeze pic

They really helped with the lower back pain and I went straight out and bought more. My brother who plays rugby also pinched a couple for after matches!! They are a new product so worth checking out if you suffer from back pain you can find them on Facebook here:

Along with a silly amount of Gaviscon and Rennie tablets (which I never want to see again after this pregnancy) I have also been trying to keep relaxed and sleep well. This is much easier said than done with a two-year old!

What did you find helped you during your pregnancy?


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