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Breastfeeding has been a topic that seems to be in the news a lot lately. I always knew I wanted to breastfeed both my children, and luckily for me that has been possible. For me a happy baby is the most important thing, whether bottle or breastfed, the decision is down to the mother. As long as both mother and baby are happy, then why worry? Having said that, my personal belief is that breast is best if you can do it.

I fed Little Viking until he was 19 months old, when he self-weaned. Which in hindsight was around the time I fell pregnant with Mini Viking (at which point we had no idea!). I was caught a little off guard at my own emotions when he did wean, it was such a beautiful journey! I honestly believe that my strong bond that I share with him has largely grown from those first moments together feeding and just being with each other in a way I really struggle to put into words (just writing it brings a tear to my eye).

I am now lucky enough to be feeding Mini Viking, although this journey has not been without its challenges. With Little Viking I had a little soreness at the start due to me not quite having the latch correct, but then we had a seamless journey. Mini Viking suffers from reflux, which makes feeding much harder. We really have to focus on position, her latch, making sure she is upright and burped afterwards. Having said this we seem to have found our groove together, and the bond is simply – magical.

Whilst the best part of my journey is the bond with my babies, I do get a little help along the way. Here are my breastfeeding essentials:


Breastfeeding 1

  1. Tommee Tippee Express and Go (RRP £74.99)  I love this because it means I do not have to worry about transferring expressed milk from my pump to the fridge or freezer. Also it can be used straight from the freezer if it’s warmed in the pouch warmer. I like to make sure I have some expressed breast milk in the fridge or freezer at all times, just in case of an emergency where I would not be around to feed Mini Viking.
  2. Theraline Maternity and Nursing Pillow (RRP £44.95) My Theraline pillow was my best friend throughout my pregnancy, I really struggled to get comfortable without it. Now I am so pleased that I can continue to find use for it, it really helps me support Mini Viking in a comfortable position whilst feeding her, especially if she is going to have a long feed on the sofa.
  3. Medela Swing Breast Pump (£99.99) This pump has lasted me through Little Vikings journey, and now Mini Vikings. I originally tried a different pump and it had very poor results in comparison.

breastfeeding 2

4. Charlie Banana Reusable Breast Pads (RRP £12.95) I started off using disposable breastpads when I was feeding Little Viking, but they were uncomfortable and often my nipple would get stuck to them (gross right?!). Charlie Banana’s reusable breast pads have a beautifully soft fleece lining which feels comfortable to wear, they are also washable so you only need to buy one set. They come with a handy travel bag too so you can keep them discreetly in your bag.

5. Bravado Seamless Nursing Bra (RRP £32.00) After trying so many different nursing bras this was the only one I really got on with. I love that it comes in a different range of colours. I have 2 black, 2 nude and a couple of coloured ones. They have also released a yoga styled bra which I am very excited to try! It can be used as both a maternity and nursing bra, so I used them throughout my pregnancy with Mini Viking as well as now whilst feeding her.

6. Mama Mio Keep Calm Nipple Balm (RRP £12.00) Keep Calm nipple balm is the perfect safe blend of medical grade lanolin, organic Shea butter, organic coconut and olive oils and Calendula. No need to remove prior to breastfeeding, this is totally safe for you and your baby. It can also be used as an amazing rescue balm for lips, cuticles and any dry skin needs.

breastfeeding 3

7. Faye and Lou Rainbow Muslins (RRP £28.95) Made from 100% Cotton and double layered for extra absorbencey, they are much more resilient than a lot of muslins I have tried. The bright colours are fun for baby, but also they do not become dull and dirty looking over time.

8. Nibbling Stardom Teething Necklace (RRP £16.00) I love my teething necklace, its great for Mini Viking to fiddle with whilst she is feeding. Its stylish so allows me to wear a statement piece, but as its made of BPA free silicone its safe for Mini Viking to chew and tug as she pleases.

9. Isla and Wilbur Swaddles (RRP from £18.00) Mini Viking and I discovered these at this years Baby Show at Olympia. Made from 100% bamboo rayon fibre they are super soft! You can use them to swaddle, as a muslin, blanket, breastfeeding cover and even a scarf for Mummy Viking! I always have one in my change bag and often use it if I feel I need to feed discreetly or I have forgotten a muslin!

Breastfeeding 4

10. Organic Oatly Oat Drink (RRP £1.80) Oats are a great way to enhance your breast milk. I have recently replaced my normal dairy milk with oat milk instead. I feel healthier, but I also hope it is improving my supply for Mini Viking.

11. Blue Bobble Iconic (RRP £8.99) Keeping hydrated is so important, but when breast-feeding it becomes even more essential. Water helps your supply, and breast milk is the only source of hydration for your baby. If you are dehydrated you may suffer from headaches and a poor supply. I use my Bobble Bottle to make sure I always have fresh water. It has a filter so I can place tap water in it knowing anything nasty is filtered out and I don’t have to worry about running out.

12. Rude Health Porridge (RRP £3.05 ) I always try to have a hearty and health breakfast. I either make over night oats (yogurt, oats and fruit left to marinate over night in a jar) or a nice warm bowl of porridge with banana.


So there you have it. My breastfeeding essentials. I shall keep blogging about my journey so don’t forget to pop back and see how we are doing.

Are you planning to, or do you breastfeed your child/children?

Becky x

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  1. Reply

    Great list of essentials for breastfeeding. I use reusable breastpads but have never tried Charlie Banana ones, they look fab will have to get some to try.

      • Chief Wellie
      • December 3, 2015

      The reusable pads are great and so comfy. I love them, best ones I have tried yet! x

  2. Reply

    This is a great list of essentials! Very helpful 🙂 xx

  3. Reply

    Brilliant round up of essentials – I didn’t breast feed my babies but this looks very useful. Kaz x

  4. Reply

    These are some great tips and products. Unfortunately I was only able to breastfeed my daughter up until she was 3 weeks old as I had terrible mastitis. It is something that I would like to try again should I have another baby though xx

    • Karen
    • November 29, 2015

    Love the supplies, back when I breastfed about 16 years ago, not such cute things.

  5. Reply

    A great list! I breastfed and expressed for my twins for 10 months, I wanted to do it for longer but couldn’t manage longer. I used the Medela Freestyle double pump and it was fantastic! x #Love2Blog

      • Chief Wellie
      • December 3, 2015

      The medela pump literally saved my journey first time round. I was so sore so I took a break and pumped and then went back to it. It worked great for us!

  6. Reply

    Great list and a beautiful story of your bond with your lovely Vikings! I wish the Tommee Tippee machine had been around when I was feeding Toby and I desperately want one for next year. Love washable pads too, I have my stash ready for April, they’re so much better than disposables. Reading this has made me all happy about starting breastfeeding again!xx

      • Chief Wellie
      • December 3, 2015

      Hehe which pads do you have? I prefer them so much to disposables. I know the Tommee Tippee machine is brilliant! I am starting to express a bit so Jake can do the odd feed as he enjoyed that with Flynn so want to let him do it with Freya too.

    • Alice
    • November 29, 2015

    Some great choices here with lots of tips. In the end I didn’t breastfeed Amelia but heard lots of good things about many of these products. Love the swaddles and Muslins 🙂

  7. Reply

    Very useful and such a practical list! I tried to breastfeed both times but I didn’t manage, maybe if we have another baby I will have the support and determination it takes to stick with it.xx

  8. Reply

    Great list of essentials. I didn’t breastfeed for long as Aria was such a lazy baby and would fall asleep on the boob, she lost too much weight so I was told to introduce one bottle a day, after that she just wouldn’t take from the boob. I expressed milk for up for four weeks and could not have coped without the Medela swing (and chocolate biscuits!), it is such a good pump!


      • Chief Wellie
      • December 3, 2015

      Hehe chocolate biscuits are a must for me too! I think I should have shares in Hobnobs!

  9. Reply

    Fab list of essentials I’d say without a doubt hydration is one of th best tips! Having breastfed 3 babies for almost 3 years that is the one thing I knew I had to keep on top of, I too am a fan of reusable breast pads as well much nicer

  10. Reply

    Great post. I totally agree that breastfeeding is a beautiful thing. My youngest is nearly 19 months and I know she’ll self-wean soon. I’m dreading it. My list of breastfeeding essentials when I first started BFing was a maternity bra and some reusable breast pads. Now, there would be nothing at all on my list, that’s the beauty of breastfeeding.x

  11. Reply

    A great list and so very similar to what I had for when I breastfed my daughter. I loved my maternity pillow! X😊

  12. Oh I love breastfeeding, my essentials are definitely the Medela and lanisoh at the beginning! I must check out Bravado x

    • Alex
    • November 30, 2015

    This is a great list, so useful for me as I intend of breastfeeding baby number 2. I struggle to feed Lamb myself and expressed for 4 1/2 months and really with the tommee tippee express and go was a round then! It would of made my life so much easier! xx #Love2Blog

  13. Reply

    Great list of products here! I couldn’t breastfeed Sophie for very long, in fact it only lasted about a day! But this post will be very useful for breastfeeding Mums 🙂 xx

    • beth
    • November 30, 2015

    A fab post and great list. Really helpful for someone who is thinking of breastfeeding x

  14. Reply

    What a fantastic list! Thanks so much for sharing.

    I was only able to breastfeed Rowan for five days as he was tongue tied so he couldn’t latch on properly. But this is a fab list for next time.

    We have the rainbow muslins from Faye and Lou and we love them! We still use them now even though Rowan is 17 months old.

    I love the look of the Tommee Tippee Express and Go items, I’ve never seen those before! Brilliant.

    Laura x

  15. Reply

    Great list, I did a similar one and it contained many of the same products. The Bravado bras are sooooo comfy aren’t they and I couldn’t have done without my Medela x

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