Mini Viking Style: Rainbows, Fruit and Colour with Lil Cubs’


Mini Viking has a shout out to do today to her favourite brand for snuggle time! Introducing Lil Cubs’ the fun and wonderfully colourful brain-child of Tabitha.

Lil Cubs’ has been big in our house because of its unique and bright style. You may have seen a while back that we reviewed the muslins and swaddle blankets. Well in the last couple of months Mini Viking has been giving Lil Cub’s sleepsuits a run for their money.

Lil cubs 5

We started out with the Apple and Rainbow styles in 3-6 months. One of the key features of the sleepsuits is their zip. No complicated poppers, just a simple zip up the side. This feature is possibly Daddy Viking’s favourite design in any of the products we have tried. Anything for an easy life! He He!

lilcubs 6

The colours are simply beautiful. Made with 100% cotton and eco dyes they are lovely against baby skin. They are machine washable and I was them on 30 with light colours. We have washed them at least 3/4 times a week for the last 6 months and they are still like new!

Lil Cubs 4

I love how Tabitha has really brought the fun back to sleepsuits. So many these days have little quotes or have very gender based designs. Not something I tend to reach for.

Lil Cubs 2

We get so many compliments on them, Mini Viking wears them out, clearly something this beautiful can’t just be for sleeping! (That and Mini Viking isn’t really one for sleep!)


The apples being the original design will always have a special place in my heart, we used the muslins in the early days of Mini Vikings life, and she has had an apple print in every size.


New this summer has seen the arrival of the Oranges and Lemon print. We first had this in a Dribble Bib. The bibs are just beautiful. 100% cotton and they come in packs of 3 I just love how soft they are. I always have a couple in my bag as Mini Viking is a very messy eater!


Of course the new print isn’t just for the bibs, it comes in muslins, swaddles and the beautiful sleepsuits.


A new edition to the sleepsuits in this print is the lemon soles. I LOVE them. It just adds that little splash of colour and looks so cute when Mini Viking crawls away (usually to do something destructive!)


The unisex element makes these the perfect gift for any expectant parent, something I think isn’t actually the easiest job. There is a Gift Box available which includes 1 x 0-3m sleepsuit, 1 x swaddle muslin, 2 x muslin squares, 2 x dribble bibs. The sleepsuit I am told can be changed for a different size and subject to availability you can mix and match the prints. Talk about earning brownie points at a baby shower!

I could sit and post pictures all day of Mini Viking in her Lil Cubs’. We are their biggest fans (I dare anyone to say otherwise!)

We cannot wait to see what else Tabitha and Lil Cubs’ has in store over this coming year, and no doubt you will read all about it right here!

Becky x

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*I was gifted the oranges and lemons dribble bib by Lil Cubs, but all thoughts and opinions are my own*

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