Me&i – Scandinavian Style at its best.


Addicted? Me? To shopping…. Always! However my shopping style has dramatically changed since having my beautiful vikings. I find that I spend the best part of my days with my hair scraped back in rather unattractive but comfortable jogging bottoms, whilst my two vikings are scrubbed and dressed to perfection. I think that seems to be the case with a lot of mother’s these days. Determined to do something about my style and continuing to be on the hunt for fabulous clothes for my kids, I was lucky enough to meet the fabulous Claire from Me&i.


Me&i is a Swedish brand founded in 2004 and prides itself in unique designs, that are stylish but comfortable. Whilst the clothing speaks for itself in its quality and wonderful design, for me the huge appeal comes with the company’s ethics. Manufactured within europe they ensure that all their suppliers adhere to the strictest ethics and standards. Their children’s clothing is now all organic and they only use safe dyes. You can read more about their “Safe Clothing” here:


The great thing about the brand is that they are not available in stores, it means that you often find you have unique items that others don’t, and my kids are not going to play groups dressed in the same brand and exact outfit as everyone else. The way Me&i work is with representatives all around the country. They will come to your house, or chosen location and host a party where you can browse the collection with your friends and family in comfort. I particularly love having parties with all my mum friends. We bake cakes, drink tea (if in the evening a sneaky glass of wine) and laugh whilst trying on the latest range. You can find out more about having a party here:

I have been having parties for the last 3 seasons with Claire, and will not be looking back. Some of the clothes have lasted Little Viking for the last two years! He is comfortable, the clothes wear fantastically and they wash even better! Some of the clothes have even been passed down to Mini Viking for her to wear, not something I have been able to do with many brands as after a few washes and wears they have become faded and worn.













It’s not just for the kids though! Their women’s range is simple, stylish and flexible. Designed for all shapes and sizes and always keeping to a simple core collection that can be transferred from casual day wear to glamourous night wear. I love the idea of one outfit right through the day whether your just out shopping, or in the office and going for drinks afterwards.

Booking a party could not be more simple and you can find out here: BOOK A PARTY

There are lots of offers on at the moment for booking parties, and the great thing is the host always receives a gift. There is no obligation for any of the guests or host to buy as it’s based on a bums on seat concept. I love that unlike a lot of home hosted parties, there is no hard sell, no pressure, and most of the representatives are mums just like me.

Pop back tomorrow and read all about my favourite pics this season!

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