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I have always held reading as one of the most important skills and experiences you can give to your children. As soon as I found out I was pregnant with Little Viking I began collecting together children’s books from my childhood, and new ones I had yet to read.

Jake and I have read to Little Viking and Mini Viking since birth. Little Viking has books read to him (and he reads to us) every night for about an hour. Its become a family ritual before bedtime. Now Mini Viking is almost 5 months she has really begun to enjoy reading as well, and I am finally understanding the joy it gave my mum to read to us all those years ago. Reading books a second time round and once again seeing them through a child’s eyes makes them even more magical. Little Viking sees tiny details I am too lazy to notice, and his imagination takes him to places I can only dream of.

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Based in the US and created by husband and wife team Maia and Allan, I See Me is a fabulous personalised book range. Designed to boost children’s reading abilities and enable them to recognise and spell their own names, these fabulous books are loved my many mother’s and celebrities alike.

They have over 40 books in the range and the ages range from 0-8 years old. We decided that as it was close to Valentine’s Day we would pick Little Viking and Mini Viking the Who Loves Me Valentines edition to review. Photo 28-01-2016, 12 20 35

My initial delight was with how beautiful the illustrations are. They have gone for a very simple yet effective bright theme. You instantly can see that the book is designed for the child as their name features right at the front. Little Viking loves this as he picks out the books and gives Mini Viking hers and takes his to his “reading chair”.

Inside there is an option to personalise further with a picture. I think this is a wonderful touch and brought a huge smile to both children’s faces when they saw themselves in the book.

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Each page has been written as if for the individual child, featuring their name, and who loves them. In this book there were 6 opportunities to bring in family members names (or friends) who loved them. You can see an example below. Little Viking in particular loved this feature as he recognised the names as we read through.

Photo 28-01-2016, 12 21 24

You can find all the collections including their fabulous Valentines edition online on their website. Simply go to I SEE ME, and open a world of imagination for your little ones.

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    • Jess
    • February 2, 2016

    How have I not heard of these books before! They’re super adorable! Kinda reminds me of the books about the girl/boy who can’t find their name, similar illustrations 🙂 x

  1. Reply

    Reading to your children’s so important I love doing this every night. It calms them down before bed too. What a lovely range of books the boys love receiving personalised books, makes them even more special

  2. Reply

    These book look so adorable. They also look really good quality. I think I may order one of these for my 2 as I absolutely love the idea of them. x

  3. Reply

    What a beautiful idea for a book that they will have forever. I love that we can pass on our love of reading to our children too x

  4. Reply

    Wow! What a lovely Valentine’s Day gift for little ones xx

  5. Reply

    These look like beautiful books. I am very tempted. I’m off to check out their website to see how much they cost.

  6. Reply

    I can’t believe I haven’t heard of these before! I am the queen of personalised gifts. I adore this idea. They are seriously cute and so lovely. I’m off for a browse…xxxx

  7. Reply

    Awww these look like such lovely books. I love the illustrations and that they’re personalised. Would make great christening gifts xx

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