Little Viking – Preparing for preschool with nameitlabels


So this past week has been a really big deal for Little Viking. He has started at preschool! I must admit that I was so nervous to send him. He is starting a bit earlier than most, as a June baby we worried that waiting until September to start, when all the others in his year will have been going since January may set him back.

We went to view a few preschools and finally picked one. Little Viking had a great induction and surprised me that he happily just left my side and wandered off to play whilst I got all the paperwork ready.

Once we got home I was armed with the necessary t-shirts and jumpers that make up his first uniform! I then had a faint flashback to my mum sewing name labels into every item of my clothing before school. A sewer I am not! Luckily I had remembered friends talking about nameitlabels!

I decided the easiest way to get Little Vikings belongings labeled up was to go for their starter pack. It has everything you could need for starting preschool, believe me when you stop and think about it, there is so much to be labeled! (shoes, t-shirts, jumpers, coats, trousers, socks, pants, shoes, bag, lunchbox, water bottle etc)


The classic starter pack contains 72 of their best-selling labels:

*  30 iron on labels for naming all your school uniform/clothing etc
*  30 stick on name labels for naming lunch boxes, drink bottles, pens, pencils etc
*  12 shoe cover labels to be used when naming shoes with our stick on name labels

Their stick on name labels are 100% waterproof and come in choice of fun bright sticker colours with your chosen name/text in black print. Iron on labels are white and come with a choice or print colours. Iron on name labels are 100% washing machine and tumble dryer safe.

preschool 1

I was pleasantly surprised how easy it is to apply both the iron and the stick on labels. The stick on labels I put in Little Viking’s shoes, rucksack and water bottle. I loved that in the shoes they had a clear cover to protect the label, and it makes it softer on the sole of the foot too.

Preschool 2

Anyone who knows me will tell you I am the worst person for ironing. I avoid it at all costs. So I was pleased at how quick and simple it was to apply the labels. Simply peel the label off the sheet, place where you wish it to be, put the protective piece of paper over the top and iron on for 10 seconds (make sure there is no steam in the iron and you focus on the corners). It’s really that easy.

preschool 3


So how did he get on? AMAZING. I have realised that it was not Little Viking that was not ready, but me. I have to accept that he is growing, becoming more independent and enjoying learning new things. I don’t feel sad, I am just shocked at how quickly time has flown, and that he isn’t my tiny baby anymore. I do however always believe in looking forward, being proud of who he is becoming, and eager to share in all the wonderful experiences we will go through as he grows older (good and bad).

nameitlabels 4




*We were sent a starter pack from nameitlabels to help us with our article*


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