For my Mum.

For my Mum.


With Mother’s Day tomorrow, I got to thinking about what it means to be a mum. The late nights, the worry, the love, the endless running around, the piles of washing and teaching of everything. The more I though about it, the more I thought of my Mum.

Mum and Me old


So Mum, I just want to say Thank You.


Thank you for always picking my up or cuddling me when I cried.

Thank you for always making me feel safe.

Thank you for the endless nights you sat by my bed and read to me.

Thank you for also sitting there when I had bad dreams or couldn’t sleep, I didn’t think about you being tired too!

Thank you for all the million car journeys to Ballet, Tap, Swimming, Air Cadets and sleepovers.

Thank you for believing in me even when teachers didn’t.

Thank you for your honesty, especially when it came to some of my horrific choices in boyfriends!

Thank you for comforting me and not saying “I told you so” when those boys made me cry.

Thank you for trying to guide me, but letting me make my own mistakes. I know that must have been hard.

Thank you for attending every dance recital and being my biggest fan.

Thank you for my cheese and pickle sandwiches on my way to swimming matches.

Thank you for giving me a real sense of home, so I could move out and know I would always be welcome back.

Thank you for making sure I ate well at university.

Thank you for loving Jake, when you realised how much he meant to me.

Thank you for guiding and supporting us as a couple, finding our own way.

Thank you for trying to ply me with champagne on my wedding day to ease my nerves (even though we all know you needed it more!)

Thank you for helping me not kill my garden.

Thank you for being the most amazing Mormor to Flynn and Freya.

Thank you for coming over and doing housework when my hands were full.

Thank you for loving Flynn and Freya with all your heart, they love you more than you can possibly imagine.

Finally, Thank you for loving me, as I am. Giving me the confidence to believe in myself, achieve and be the mother I am to my children.

I love you Mum.

Me and Mum New

Becks xxx

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    Aww, this is lovely and really makes you think of all the special moments and that some things in life really aren’t that important compared to family. Happy mothers day for tomorrow xx

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    This is such a wonderful post. So nice too see there are loving mothers out there

  3. Reply

    What a lovely poem. There are some lovely mums out there ad fab daughters and sons too who really appreciate them

  4. Reply

    Aw what a lovely post! I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day and your mum does too! Xxx

  5. Oh what a lovely post. This is so sweet and has brought tears to my eyes, you really can’t beat the love of your Mum can you? Lovely post xx

  6. Aw this is a beautiful post, our Mums do SO much for us and I don’t think we really realise just how much they do until we become parents ourselves X

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    Ah what a lovely post, it isn’t until you grow up you realise just how much our Mums did for us when we were younger. Your photos together are beautiful.

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    oh these type posts tug on my heart strings, so beautifully written x

  9. Aw, this is so beautiful! Your mum seemed lovely when I saw you both at The Baby Show and she’s obviously been a huge source of love and support in your life, as you are to your kids xx

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