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One of my promises to myself over the next few months was to really begin focus on my brand. After having the wonderful Ellie Illustrates create a gorgeous new look for the blog it seemed a shame to not take full advantage of it. When Caseapp approached me to test some of their products for your gadgets I jumped at the chance.

I chose to customise 3 of my gadgets. My faithful Macbook Pro I went with a sticker for the lid, in a fabulous marble style. For my iPad mini I went for another sticker of my avatar. Finally for my iPhone 6 which literally is my social media lifeline I went for a customised case with my blog banner on and one of my favourite sayings.


The company based in Sweden sent the products to me straight away. I found the website so easy to navigate. This is something I have found with other sites hasn’t worked as I struggle to get the customisation I am looking for. I was super excited to open them and get started. First thing to note is the quality of the iPhone 6 case. Having worked in a technical team for a large brand looking at phone cases for 5 years, I have to say I was impressed, the material and fit were brilliant for the price. The iPad mini sticker went on so easily, getting the front sticker on was harder as its such a thin part of the gadget. The laptop sticker is just for the top part of the Macbook, and its beautiful and again thick and sturdy. I would quite like it if I could buy a bottom part as well, so that may be something I hope Caseapp look into developing. So that’s the serious part over with, mainly I am just enjoying showing my brand and having beautiful looking gadgets!


To purchase and customise your own gadgets, pop along to and if you enter the code WISHESANDCASE1 for a cheeky little discount.

Becky xxx

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