Cosy Nights Sleep with B-Sensible

A good nights sleep.

Surely that’s every mother’s dream. We are currently redesigning the Vikings bedroom since they have now moved in together to share. This meant we bought them a new fabulous bunk bed, new mattresses and of course new sheets. However with two under 4 you cannot expect them to not have the odd accident or spillage.


We recently discovered B-Sensible and their fabulous waterproof, eco-friendly and sustainable bed sheets. We were delighted when they sent us two for the kids. As soon as they arrived you could just feel the quality.

One thing I have always found with waterproof sheets in the past has been their horrid “squeaky plastic” feel. Its unpleasant and I often worry about the mattress being able to breathe, something which is really important with young kids.

Little Viking is no longer in any nappies so as a result, protection for his mattress was key in case of an accident. Mini Viking is just a nightmare and will spill water and all sorts everywhere so anything that can reduce her damage is a bonus!

The sheets are so soft, and they come in such a wonderful variety of colours. We went for the Pistachio Green on our Stokke bed and the white on the bunk bed. The sheets are made of Tencel and Smartcel sensitive fibers and become waterproof by a very thin polyurethane underlayer.. You can read more about it HERE.

I am pleased to report everyone had a fabulous first nights sleep and the waterproof layer didn’t bother them at all. Needless to say we will be buying one for our bed as well now (tea and coffee spillage are quite a regular occurence for me!) The question is what colour should I pick?

Becky x

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