But she’s wearing BLUE!

Flynn & Freya

But she’s wearing blue,

did you forget to think?

My darling she’s a girl,

she should be wearing pink!


She cannot be a spaceman,

she musn’t play with cars.

For next she’ll be free thinking

and burning all her bras!


But he’s wearing pink,

it really can’t be true.

What will people think ?

He should be wearing blue!


He must not play with dolls,

it’s not his role in life.

Cooking in the play kitchen?

That’s for his future wife!


Forgive me if I am mistaken,

but when did we decide,

to sacrifice our children

and cause this big divide?


Why is it so wrong

to express creativity?

Who are we to squash

their individuality?


For yes, I was that girl,

wearing dinosaurs and rockets.

Her hair in scruffy pig tails

and mud in all her pockets.


But it may not be my daughter,

I will have to wait and see,

who she grows into

and what she wants to be.


My son, he loves tractors,

he also likes to dance.

He would dance all day naked

if given half the chance!


I let him play with dolls and prams

I can’t see why that’s bad.

Surely he’s just learning how to be

a super hero dad?


So now my rant is over

about the pink and blue.

I’ll dress my kids in what they like –

I hope that’s ok with you?



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  1. Reply

    Yes, yes yes!
    I’ve never liked pink based on “im a girl, it must be my favourite colour”
    I have a toddler boy who chose a pink dolls buggy last year and loves it so I embraced it a bit. Now due a baby girl in Jan and I hate it again as its almost unavoidable to buy pink for her.
    Ive got her lots of yellow or navy or purple bit so hard not to have pink forced on her. Urgh! Winds me up!

    • Emma
    • December 23, 2015

    Great post. I have a 2 year old boy and a baby girl and it’s so much more noticeable with my daughter. My son loves his play kitchen and my daughter is already more interested in his cars than her toys! I hope she’s the girl in a tutu and wellies, climbing trees and just being a child, full of exploration.

      • Jessey
      • April 14, 2016

      My 3 year old is the one in nursery wearing wellies, tutu and super hero tops lol, she rolls around in the dirst she gets rough with the boys.

  2. Reply

    Absolutely amazing! Just brilliant! I was the girl playing with cars and barbies. And if baby number 2 is a girl she will be wearing every colour in the rainbow! X

    • Simon
    • December 24, 2015

    Less than a hundred years ago it was the other way around. Pi k was considered a boys colour as it came fro red which was seen as more manly and primal a colour, and blue was more a girls colour, possibly due to the association with the Virgini Mary always being depicted in a blue robe.
    In the 1800s (don’t quote me on that) blue was seen as a very unmasculine colour and the colour of a ‘dandy’ (soft, effeminate).

    I don’t have kids btw I just quite like the poem and hate small mindedness.
    (Also have 3 sisters and 4 nieces who are all awesome can wear whatever colour they damn well please 😊)

    • Jodie
    • December 27, 2015

    I really love this poem. My girls all dress in link and do girly things. But they also love cars and dinosaurs v

  3. Reply

    Yes! This is brilliant, well said. Impressed with with your rhyming skills too 🙂

  4. Reply

    I have to say I do love pink on little girls and probably wouldn’t pick it for my son at his current age. But when he has the choice and he has an opinion I’ll never control what he wants to wear or what colour he prefers. I too think children should be able to be individual and express a like for something even though it has a perceived gender assignment. x

  5. Reply

    This is fabulous! I hate that toys are aimed at a specific sex – let them play with whatever they wish! xx

  6. Reply

    LOVE this! Pickle (who is a boy) has beautiful curly hair which I have let grow a little. I constantly get comments about ‘her’ or criticisms about how people will think he is a girl. Oh and he loves his little Sylvanian house and play kitchens too! Kaz x

  7. Reply

    I love this! We dress SB in anything – half her wardrobe comes from the “Boys” section of shops because it tends to be more durable and more brightly coloured, which is daft – girls need durable, bright clothes too, not just flimsy bits in pink and purple!

  8. Reply

    100% agree with this! I have a set of identical twin girls and 1 is really girly and the other isnt so much. She still loves to wear a dress and have her nails painted but she also loves being a ninja and asked for a power rangers gun for Christmas! I don’t mind, she is happy and that is all that matters.

  9. Reply

    Love this so much!

  10. Reply

    This is the best thing I have read all day! Love love love. Thank you! It amazes me that people put gender into such small boxes.

  11. Reply

    Love the poem and completely agree let kids decide what they like and who they want to be.

  12. Reply

    I am a gender neutral parent and I LOVE this made me cry some. Children should be free to decide what they want.

  13. Reply

    Great post, I loved this so much!! Children should be able to decide for themselves who they are and what they want
    The Frugal Fashionista

    • Brittany
    • January 28, 2016

    Up until about 100 years ago, blue was for girls and pink was for boys! Then, it reversed and people today act like it has always been this way. It hasn’t! It’s a recent change in man’s timeline and it is arbitrary. Also, back then, “girl” was used to describe children of either sex. So, yes. 100 years ago, boys wore pink and were called girls. Amazing how they didn’t all turn out gay, isn’t it?

    • claire
    • January 29, 2016

    I have no idea why it matters …… It feels to me that a pretty little girl wearing pink is discriminated against equally as much as a little boy with shaved hair playing with a football ……. It seems that everyone is so pc that everything becomes discriminated against no matter what …… It seems that what would be acceptable however is a girl with short hair playing with a ball and a boy with long hair playing with dolls – ?????

      • Chief Wellie
      • January 29, 2016

      It doesn’t matter thats the point. There shouldn’t be any judgement either way. If a girl wants to only wear pink and be a princess and play with dolls, she should be able to. If she wants to wear boys clothes and play with footballs she should be able to. If a boy wants to have a shaved head and play football, he should be able to. If he wants to play with dolls and dress up, he should be able to. The point is it matters that people are pushing their own idea of what a child should be, they dont let the child be themselves, an individual, who can choose to dress in what they like.

    • John
    • January 30, 2016

    It is about time everyone allowed children to grow up their own way and not force their stereotyping onto their children! My Granddaughter was allowed five friends to come to her 5th birthday party. She chose five boys, My Daughter suggested that three boys and two girls would be even numbers, my Granddaughter was happy with that, the children that came were a mix of colours, races and backgrounds. At five children have no sense of these things. By ten their parents views are ingrained and the child starts to have prejudices. Very sad.
    For any new parents, let your children grow up understanding the differences between right and wrong, but let them make their own decisions on what they want in life.

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