Bikram Yoga

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So my friend and fellow blogger Yulia introduced me to the wonder that is Bikram Yoga. After a long recovery from problems with my lungs I decided it was time that I began to build up my strength and get back into shape. Yulia had been a few times and said it would do wonders for me. Bikram Yoga is designed for all ages and flexibilities. It consists of 26 classic yoga positions in a heated room. It is designed to systematically move fresh oxygenated blood all round the body. Its great if like me you are in recovery, or suffer from aches and pains, as the heat along with the gentle stretching enables you to really feel great after a 90 minute session.

There are 4 studios based in and around London offering many different classes and schedules. They also have a great offer for first time goers. I really recommend this, its great value and if you use it a lot in the 30 day time period you really do get the benefit!

Visit for more information.

Becky xxx

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