Babyzoo – The new eco-friendly clothes on the block!


Instagram is fast becoming one of my favourite places to discover new brands for the Vikings. Little Viking and Mini Viking are always looking to try funky new styles, and I am keen to keep what they are wearing ethical and good quality. My job working at a large retail head office has taught me how important it is to check the quality of living and treatment of workers, something that I was responsible for helping with in my role. Since having my own children it has become far higher on my priorities and I suddenly find myself researching all companies backgrounds.

I discovered babyzoo whilst browsing Instagram. Launching today Karen Thacker has created a fun, practical, gender neutral and eco-friendly brand. The clothes are designed with little ones in mind, no itchy labels, all able to be easily played in and they wash brilliantly.



Karen’s background in womenswear fashion design has made her perfectly practiced to know how to look at what people want, and create something they love. “I think babyzoo’s aesthetic is simple and fun which is very appealing to parents who are bored with pastel colours.”


Karen and I found a common ground with our love of penguins over Instagram. She has a large range of them in prints, along with other fabulous animals such as the giraffe print Mini Viking is rocking.

The baby grow arrived and I was instantly in love. It is so soft to touch, perfect for my newborns sensitive skin. The sizing is also spot on, often I find baby grows can be too long or two short, this allows just the right room for us. She wore the baby grow all day and I have to say Karen really did think the design through by not sewing in labels. No rubbing at all and a happy comfy baby. The baby grows also have the envelope shoulders which mean you can slip the grow off down the body should there be any “accidents”.



I have since washed the grow a few times, and the print is still vibrant and the grow still just as soft as when it first arrived. This is something I think is really important when buying printed grows, often they fade or peel! Karen stuck with her core values and sourced the dyes and prints to be toxin free and water based.

One of my favourite things about babyzoo as a brand is that they do not have that cartoon feel about them. Styled in a far more photographic design they are far more realistic in appearance, more mature and I feel educational for children.

I am going to have so much fun with this brand, its simple style means I can jazz it up with some of the Vikings bright clothes!


Babyzoo is active mainly via its Instagram @babyzoouk but follow them on Facebook and Twitter too! To browse their beautiful collection go to: For 10% off enter the code LAUNCHPARTY

NB: I was sent the baby grow by babyzoo but all opinions are my own.

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