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Cosy Nights Sleep with B-Sensible

A good nights sleep. Surely that’s every mother’s dream. We are currently redesigning the Vikings bedroom since they have now moved in together to share. This meant we bought them a new fabulous bunk bed, new mattresses and of course new sheets. However with two under 4 you cannot expect them to not have the […]

Great Recipes Little Viking Mini Viking Reviews

Viking Style – Exploring with Muddy Puddles Puddleflex Jacket

Hey! So the we might be the only family who was hoping for the weather to cool down a bit. Being a redhead and having children with pale skin, we were beginning to wonder if the heat would ever die down. Luckily for us this last week saw a little bit of rain. Unluckily, we […]


Travel Vikings – Take us on a Jurni

Hey! I am having post travelling blues. Here is a  little poem about it!   We Love to go on a Jurni, To places far away. Where the washing machine is invisible, And the Sun is here to stay.    When we go on Jurni, We love to go by plane Fill my suitcase with […]

Fashion Mini Viking

Mini Viking Style: Rainbows, Fruit and Colour with Lil Cubs’

Hey! Mini Viking has a shout out to do today to her favourite brand for snuggle time! Introducing Lil Cubs’ the fun and wonderfully colourful brain-child of Tabitha. Lil Cubs’ has been big in our house because of its unique and bright style. You may have seen a while back that we reviewed the muslins […]

Brit Mums Live! Parenting

BritMums Live 2016: Introducing my sponsor STOKKE!

Hey! I am very, very excited! This weekend I head into London for my second BritMums Live.   I really enjoyed it last year, even though I was heavily pregnant I managed to learn so much and not fall asleep. This year I will be going with Mini Viking. I am finally committing myself to blogging full-time. […]

Fashion Mummy Viking

Mummy Viking: Out and about with Bax and Bay’s Cub Bag

Hey! Being out and about with the kids is how I spend the majority of my time. I am constantly hopping in and out of the car, and on trains and planes. Being this active means I have to have a mountain of items on me at all times. Recently I have been talking about […]

Fashion Just for Mum Lifestyle Mummy Viking

Saving Mummy Vikings hairstyle with Maxin Porcaro Hertford

Hey! Today is all about me, yes I said it, I need some time for me. Any mother will tell you that getting 5 minutes to yourself is nearly impossible with two kids. I found that after 6 months of being a mummy of two, I had totally lost my sense of self, and with […]

Fashion Mummy Viking

Mummy Viking: Finding my style with me&i

Hey So as you all know, I am a huge fan of Scandinavian brands for Little Viking and Mini Viking. They have so much me&i as we love the quality. What a lot of people don’t know is me&i also have adults clothing! The principle is the same, you get to have a fabulous party […]

Fashion Little Viking Mini Viking Reviews

Viking Style: Celebrating 40 Years of Polarn O. Pyret

Hey! We have long been fans of Polarn O. Pyret in our Scandi house. The long and slim fit of Scandinavian clothing has always been perfect for both Little and Mini Viking (could maybe have something to do with their heritage?). So we were delighted to hear that POP are celebrating their 40th Birthday!  The […]

Reviews Travel

Mummy Viking: Running about with Lin & Leo

Hey! Myself and the Vikings are always out and about. Even when just popping out to pick things up or drop one of them off, I seem to be dragging around a huge amount of stuff. When Lin & Leo asked us to review their new Cardinal Baby Change bag we were really excited. We […]